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www.grivaseltinteractive.gr provides its services to visitors / members / clients upon their acceptance of the following Terms of Use. When making use of the services provided by www.grivaseltinteractive.gr, you automatically accept these terms. Please read them carefully and regularly, to ensure you are updated on any changes. Changes shall be made without notice to users.

Electronic communications

When you visit www.grivaseltinteractive.gr, or sent an e-mail, you contact www.grivaseltinteractive.gr electronically. Therefore, you accept the right of www.grivaseltinteractive.gr, to contact you electronically. You agree in advance that electronic communications and information exchanged via them, meet the applicable legal requirements and regulations as regards the exchange of such communications in written form.


All content in www.grivaseltinteractive.gr, such as, texts, graphs, trademarks, pictures (regardless of characteristics), digital files and software, without limitation are the exclusive property of www.grivaseltinteractive.gr or of the content providers cooperating with www.grivaseltinteractive.gr, and are protected by the Greek and International laws on copyright protection. The collection and use of any product catalogues, product descriptions or prices, any indirect use of the www.grivaseltinteractive.gr and the contents thereof, to the benefit of any other business, commercial or not, is prohibited without the consent of GRIVAS Publications S.A.. The entire design of the website, the text, graphs, options and settings thereof are property of GRIVAS Publications S.A. and make up Intellectual Property Right. All rights reserved ©.

License to use and access the electronic platform

GRIVAS Publications S.A. provide their clients with a limited license to use and access www.grivaseltinteractive.gr, for its services and contacting the company. www.grivaseltinteractive.gr clients reserve a limited, revocable and non-exclusive right to create a hyperlink to the original page www.grivaseltinteractive.gr in a website of their ownership, when this hyperlink does not describe GRIVAS Publications S.A., or their products or services in a false, misleading, demeaning or otherwise adverse manner. Any unauthorised use revokes the licence to use or access the electronic platform as granted by GRIVAS Publications S.A..

Electronic platform use limitation of liability

www.grivaseltinteractive.gr is provided by GRIVAS Publications S.A. “AS IS” and “AS MADE AVAILABLE”. GRIVAS Publications S.A. make no representation or authorisation in any form, expressed or implied both on the operation of the platform and on the information, content, material or products included therein. For this reason, www.grivaseltinteractive.gr users agree to use it at their own discretion. GRIVAS Publications S.A. do not warrant that www.grivaseltinteractive.gr, the servers or e-mails dispatched from www.grivaseltinteractive.gr do not include viruses or other malware. GRIVAS Publications S.A. are not liable for any damage of any type that may occur by use of the e-shop, including, without limitation, any direct, indirect, accidental, incidental and consequential damage. www.grivaseltinteractive.gr, its employees or other representatives thereof, have no liability, under any circumstances, for any consequential, incidental, indirect, special compensation, or cost or fines, including, without limitation, any lost profits, cease of business operation, loss of information or data or loss of clientele, property loss or damage and for any third party claims that may arise from or as regards the use, copy, or presentation of this website, or the contents thereof or any other affiliate web page, regardless whether www.grivaseltinteractive.gr had been notified, was aware or should have been aware of this possibility.

Lawful use

This website must be used exclusively for lawful purposes, according to these terms and in a way that does not limit or prevent its use by third parties. Users of this website must avoid actions and/or omissions that might cause the malfunction of the website and/or adversely affect and/or jeopardize the provision of services to other users. Users must refrain from posting material (texts, pictures, videos, posts and comments on the announcements, blog articles, etc.) which could be considered illegal, threatening, harmful, slanderous, abusive, discrediting, offensive, pornographic, blasphemous, vulgar, or indecent, as well any material that might constitute and/or encourage unlawful or punishable behaviour, violate other people’s confidentiality, or express racial, ethnic, or other discrimination. If any such material comes to their attention, users should notify the platform administrators immediately so that the latter might take all necessary action, including the deletion of relevant content and the deactivation of the account of the user that posted this material. Furthermore, any user behaviour or action violating the platform’s rules of correct use (e.g. threatening/offensive behaviour towards other users or efforts to deceive them, abuse of available file storage space, etc.), whether user-reported or detected by administrators, will result in the deactivation of the user account and the deletion of posted material without further notice.

Product descriptions

www.grivaseltinteractive.gr tries to be as precise as possible regarding the characteristics of our services / products. However, www.grivaseltinteractive.gr has no liability in case the characteristics or other content concerning the products used via our platform are imprecise, incomplete, non-updated or have mistakes, in general.

Right of change

GRIVAS Publications S.A. reserve their right to make changes in the electronic platform, their commercial policy and the Terms of Use at any time deemed necessary.

Applicable law - disputes

Visitors /clients / users of www.grivaseltinteractive.gr automatically agree that the specific Terms of Use are subject to the Laws of the Hellenic State as regards any dispute arising between users and the www.grivaseltinteractive.gr, and therefore GRIVAS Publications S.A..For any dispute in any way related to the use of www.grivaseltinteractive.gr or to the products and services used via it, an effort shall be made for its amicable resolution. When this type of resolution fails, any disputes and relevant matters shall be resolved at the relevant Courts.